The NEW K-200 ATX3 is the next generation Kawai AnyTime silent pianos – the pianos you can play anytime and anywhere without disturbing anyone. The K-200 ATX3 comes equipped with an acoustic muting feature allowing pianists the flexibility and convenience to play discreetly through headphones. Combining award-winning craftsmanship and Kawai’s most advanced digital and sound technologies, the K-200 ATX3 delivers exceptional acoustic and digital performance.


  • 45″ K-200 Professional Upright Piano
  • SK-EX Rendering Piano Sound Engine with Multi-Channel Sampling
  • Modern 5” LCD Touchscreen Display
  • Integrated Bluetooth MIDI and Audio wireless technology
  • Flexible Virtual Technician Function with 19 Adjustable Parameters
  • 256 Polyphony (max.)

Kawai K-200 ATX3

$12,695.00 Regular Price
$11,395.00Sale Price
    • Height: 45” (114 cm)
    • Width: 59” (149 cm)
    • Depth: 22.5” (57 cm)
    • Weight: 459 lbs (204 kg)